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Our Services

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Bar Builder
Upon your request a date/time would be fixed for a site visit (if required). The purpose of this would be to ensure that we know in advance if there is any major structural/logistical concerns which need to be addressed.

Portable Bar DesignOur experienced designers would aim to meet your needs. Using their software that would produce various impressions showing you how the bar counter or reception counter would work for you. They would discuss with you the need of ice wells, speedrails, Epos till points, sinks/drainage, LED lighting options and fridges etc. For reception counters they would discuss seating for your team along with data points for computers and lighting etc. For either of these options don't forget to ask about 'branding' the counters and the various levels of finish available (surfaces).

Receipt Counter Builders
The manufacturing team would then follow the plans provided to go on and produce your chosen counter(s). Attention to details is vital at this point and so the team would keep you informed of any issues/reasons for concern.

Portable Bar Builders
Once the manufacture is complete a date would be set for the installation. Our team would then arrive and begin installation. An approx time frame would be given to you in advance and so you'd know how long it could take. 
Aftersales services
At Bar Builder we pride ourselves on our aftersales. Once your install has taken place, our dedicated team will be on hand to tackle any questions, queries or problems that you may have to come up with a quick and simple solution.